.png files not loading as normalmaps


The engine does not recognize, when I import normal maps as .png files, and I have to manually uncheck sRGB and change it to normal.

I have tried using .tga files, and they work correctly, but have the disadvantage of not showing a thumbnail when browsing folders (in windows).

Is this an error in my workflow or in the engine?


  • Painting in Substance Painter
  • Exporting DirectX normalmap as .png
  • Importing the .png into ue4
  • Having to change sRGB and compression setting to get it working correctly


Example of one of the textures:

Name: Rock001_LOD0_Normal

Hi GamZ -

Can you look at trying to set the Background of your PNG to the Neutral Blue Value (#8080FF or 128,128,255) then saving out the Normalmap again without the transparency to see if the Normal Map imports correctly into the engine?

Thank You



It works when I change the background to the color you wrote. Along with using xnormal to create maps in .png.

If I use .tga the engine recognizes the map above as a normalmap, so I guess I´ll just use .tga instead. There must be a difference in the importers or substance painters exporters.

Just curious if this was a bug or if there was a fix to it.

After later examination it seems to be due to the way substance painter handles areas, that the uv doesn’t cover, that the .png importer doesn’t like, but the .tga does. (Based on the .png importer working on smoother backgrounds, and .tga working on the normalmap above and normal normalmaps.)

So I´ll just change my file format, and not have to remember to change the properties.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Here are the texture with the blue background: