plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

iam an architecture and i want to use unreal for architectural visualization therer is no good tutorial or complete tutorial for that . iam new to unreal the most difficult part is exporting model from 3ds max to unreal i couldn’t understand how make light mapp or how to fix overlapping . so i need some one to tell me the right way to export model from 3dsmax to unreal

Hi. I know nothing about your question, except that I did a quick google search and found many answers. There are youtube videos and articles, and things from AnswerHub. Seek and you shall find bro.

Oh wow I never actually met an architecture! What a unique experience. :smiley:

Jokes aside, basically go with what verbalkint33 said. If you’re stuck on a specific thing, just google it and see if you can find a way to solve it. Then work until you get stuck again. That’s the best way to learn it. There will never be a true step by step tutorial that explains something exactly the way you need. They just cover how to do some simple tasks and it’s your responsibility to take what you’ve learned there and put it to practice to make something whole.

So you might want to search on “creating multiple uv sets in 3ds max” since you’ll need at least 2. 1 for your textures and 1 for the lightmaps. Oh wow look at that:

A Video that explains how to create multiple UV sets in 3dsmax in under 2 minutes and literally the first thing you find when you google it. Free of charge.

Hope it helps.