plz I need to make a UI keyboard password lock to trigger the animation code, as well as the corresponding confirm, delete and close button code

plz plz plz

It sounds to me like you’re begging someone else to make your game for you. You’re not going to have any luck with that. We’re all busy making our own games.

You posted this in the UDK/UE3 section by the way. Are you actually using UDK or UE3? I’m guessing you actually need help with UE4.

If you really need help with something, the right way is not to beg saying “plz plz plz.” You should state which system you’re using to display your UI, what you have done so far, and which step you are having trouble with.

You won’t help me if I say it, will you? Are you unhappy in your life? You’re so angry,haha

Greetings @123ruhmqsd ,

If you are desperately seeking help from the community, please provide as much detail as possible to help others help you.

Are you looking for assistance with UE4 or UDK/UE3? The community is happy to help you if they can, but you must provide details such as what has worked, what has not worked, what steps have you taken, are you using blueprints or C++, screenshots, tutorials followed, etc. The more information you can provide, the better the chances are of you receiving help. :smiley:

UDK, but to be exact, it’s the game map editor SDK, the castrated version of UDK. I need to make such an interface to trigger the animation in the map. I’ve been worried about this for more than 20 days. Because I don’t make UDK games, I don’t study systematically. I just want what I want

In more than 20 days, the only tutorial I can find is the password detection part. They didn’t write how to set the text box and the corresponding confirm and close buttons. I don’t want to fully understand how scaleform is used, because I’m not making a game, I just draw a map in the game. I only need such a function. If he can use it, I don’t want to spend time figuring out how it works and the meaning of each code, so ready-made code or files are the most useful for me, so I really hope to get your help, not a cynical question
flash 2.0