Plz help [How-To discussion for MMO RPG]

Can someone teach me how can i create my onw mmorpg

Not sure if serious

short answer: No

OK TY FOR REJECT :)) and i 'm realy serious

I am also not sure if serious but with “Plz halp” as a thread name and question like “plz how to be a PHD in quantum physics in 3 weeks” expecting answer like “step 1: move the mouse cursor to the red X” will not reap results. If you are serious, below are most of the important keywords you will need. Open google and start searching.

There are three phases in the game creation pipeline:

Pre-production phase - Make some concept art about your mmorpg think about how it will look, what kind of landscapes it will have and what kind of characters it will have etc. Then think about the gameplay, what kind of transport it will have, what kind of weapons, fighting systems, farming, etc etc etc and after 1-2 months refining and planning everything about your game you can begin with… production.

Production phase - First begin with 3D modelling your characters by following the designs from your pre-production phase, UV-unwrapping, texturing and animations (for the beginning make some walk cycles). Weapons and stuff may come later. Then create a 3d model of simple terrain, UVs, textures, etc. When you are ready with the basic stuffs you can begin with UE4.

First, test a lot with prototyping most of the gameplay, simple controls, fighting systems, farming, inventory systems, multiplayer systems etc. When you are ready with prototyping of all your ideas then go back to the 3D modelling software. Create the rest of the characters in 3D, most of the weapons, props, houses, terrain and etc. Go back to UE4 and create a new project (it will be your main project), import everything and implement all your prototypes. Bear in mind, you need to follow the guidelines for game content creation, because performance is your worst friend. Then rinse and repeat untill you have some final version. This will take maybe from 5 months to 1 year depending on the scale. You can try to invite peoples to work with you when you have some alpha version ready. This is oversimplified version of the production pipeline.

Post-production phase - Marketing, selling, profit.

Other keywords (softwares): Blender(free), 3Ds max, Maya, Photoshop.

If you dont have knowledge and experience with 3D then you first have to ask “How to use 3D software for game production” learning 3D stuffs takes 1-2 years if you are not fast learner. Get some programming learning for games (C++,C#) too.

Btw if you are young dont let the years in learning scare you, you will benefit a lot from it. :slight_smile:

ps. I know for my bad english…wrote it in a hurry.

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Watch tutorials how the Engine works and start small.

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