Plx help Apex hates me

Hey folks,

Trying to get apex to work on a character I’m building and I keep getting stuck on one particular error that completely stops me.

I’ve a had a few other errors but I have managed to troubleshoot them myself, but this one thing is persistent and won’t go away. Initially I was getting a naming error (see below) but on suggestion from the forums and other peoples troubleshooting they recommended renaming the bones inside the .apx file to the correct names, which I have done.

Now i just get this bad boy.

I can get the cloth to sim properly in the Apex SDK profiler, and my mesh animates properly (haven’t tested in UE4 yet, I am using Mixamo’s rig with a tweaked weight paint). Clearly something is going wrong between Apex and import into UE4.

I have tried redoing the sim after exporting my mesh from UE4 (which changed the orientation in Apex) but the .apx sim files still don’t work on either mesh (old or reimported). Tangent spaces are fine, mesh is separated into two materials.

I’ve tried all the other fixes I can find on the interwebs so far including skinning my cloth to 1 bone, 2 bones, 4 bones or many bones (a reported blender issue to do with float 1s and 4s).

It knows my collision volumes are there, so some of it is working.

I just really want this to work. Please help.

Have you made sure that the cloth is not skinned to ANY other bones other than the ones you intended?

I think your cloth is just not skinned to your original bone.

The cloth and the mesh had to be a single geo-group but separate materials. Finally sorted it out.