Plugins sharing Toolbar/Menu Extensions

I have two plugins that I’ve created and would like each to create a toolbar button if it doesn’t exist and add it’s menu items to it. In a sense, both plugins would share the same toolbar button. Is there a way to check if a toolbar button already exists so the other plugin doesn’t create it? From what I’ve found, this isn’t possible. This would be extremely useful for developers working with multiple plugins. Extensions are pretty much all you need for most things, but the ability to check if a certain hook, menu item, or toolbar button exists would be really helpful as well.

Don’t think that exists, since you need to specify exactly what menu the extension point is in order to latch on to something. You could create some kind of “core” plugin that both plugins depend on, which creates the initial toolbar - then other plugins you create latch onto that instead.

Thanks for the reply. I considered that, but it seemed like a I lot of overhead just to share a button between plugins, especially if developing for the marketplace.

I hope there will be an engine function or two added in the future so developers have the ability to do this? Literally just one function that can check if an extension point or menu item already exists is the only thing you would really need. I’ve tried to think of other tricks to get around this but I haven’t been able to come up with anything.