Plugins in commercial games?

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I have a question - when i make a game and wanna sell it for example on steam, but i use for this game plugins like Advanced Sessions, Ping Plugin, Victory Plugin, Loading Screen Plugin etc. , is it then allowed to sell the game ?

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Short answer: Yes.

As long as you have a proper licence for using the plugin, meaning if it’s a marketplace plugin you have paid for it and downloaded through the launcher. If it’s a free plugin, check if there is a licence file included with it and include whatever is required by that licence (for example, some licences require you to place a line in your credits attributing the creator of the plugin and/or the name of the plugin).

Here are the usage rights laid out in the Marketplace FAQ

Usage Rights

How can I use the products I’ve purchased from the Marketplace or Learn Tab?
Besides using them for learning, experimenting, or prototyping, you may use Marketplace products in your own shipped products. However, you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, e.g. via website or ecommerce mechanism built into a 3D development tool.

Can I modify the products that I purchase?
Yes, you are free to modify any product you purchase from the Marketplace.

Can I use these products in other gaming engines, like Source or Unity?
Only Marketplace products that have not been created by Epic Games can be used in other engines. Be sure to provide appropriate credit and pay any royalties that may accrue. Please note that products purchased from the Marketplace cannot be sold back to the Marketplace after alteration.

Can I share products with my team?
Yes, you can share Marketplace products with your team but only for the limited purpose of the project that you are jointly developing. Content pooling or sharing products between developers outside of your organization is prohibited. Team members also cannot use products in an unlimited fashion for their own projects.

When you put a game on Steam (for example) you have to package the game, which creates the game’s executable and data files. In a packaged form it is not possible for someone to make an illegal copy of the plugin and use it without acquiring a licence, therefore you are not violating the terms of your own licence.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for the good answer!
I have another question: What is the license of a free plugin if the author did not append any and is not answering questions?