Plugins documentation

The plugins documentation does not clearly explain all the options of descriptors. For example:

Plugin Descriptors:

  • Missing EngineVersion.
  • Missing CanBeUsedWithUnrealHeaderTool. Do I need to modify /Engine/Programs/UnrealHeaderTool/Config/DefaultEngine.ini?

Module Descriptors:

  • Type: Missing RuntimeAndProgram option. What is Program? Why is a Program not compiled? Is Program paired with CanBeUsedWithUnrealHeaderTool?
  • LoadingPhase: Missing PostDefault and other options.
  • WhitelistPlatforms: Missing valid options. What is AllDesktop?

Related issue on GitHub #5545]( Feel free to close it if not needed.

The lack of information makes it difficult for me to create some special plugins.

Thanks for reporting this issue! I will pass this along to the appropriate contact here at Epic Games.