Plugins cause first-time packaged build crash message

Hi all,

Anyone know why I get a crash message upon running a packaged build? It only happens when I enable a plugin and only the first time after packaging. After a couple seconds, it goes away and the game boots up fine. It never happens any consecutive runs, even if I restart my computer or run another game in between.

Things maybe worth noting:

  • packaging as win64 from editor
  • deleted intermediate/saved/binaries
  • tried packaging to various directories
  • tried multiple plugins: Niagara and Substance
  • checked the Niagara .uplugin, it’s set to Developer and Runtime (recommended)
  • installed my engine to a custom location, not the default
  • the file directory is different with vs. without a plugin enabled. with a plugin enabled, there’s a buried win64 .exe inside [myproject]/binaries/win64 aside from the .exe in the root folder. clicking either has the same result