[PLUGINS] Camera Rig - incredible camera movements

hi everyone,

I’m working on my plugin a camera rig which allows me to make really incredible camera movements.
here’s my first try, it looks very promising.

let me know what do you think

Have a nice day,
Best Regards


just a quick test of my new Camera Rig Plugin
with really very few keyframe you can create very smooth and nice movement

have nice day
Best Regards

Good Stuff!!

here a new test of my Camera Rig - Fred 2,
in less than two hour, i achieve to create this scene with really smooth and precise movment ,
in my experience i take days to make.
with a really basic few keyframe you can create amazing movment.

List of feature:

  • Crane Pitch
  • Crane Yaw
  • Crane Arm Lenght
  • Crane Height
  • Crane adjust right left
  • Camera Adjust left right
  • Camera adjsut Pitch , Yaw , Roll
  • Carrige world possition , rotation
  • Carriage local position , rotation
  • Blend to world (force the camera to roll on horizon)
  • Multi look at Tracking with blend to original rotation
  • Delay to look at tracking (more natural movment)
  • Multi Position tracking with blend to original position
  • Delay to position tracking (more natural movment)
  • Screen UV tracking repositionning
  • Camera Shake
  • Automatic Tween blend