[Plugin] [WIP] Fuzzytotems' Blueprint TArray Augmenter - No C++ Required

Hello everyone,

My free plugin is very simple both in purpose and in use. It is built to give Blueprint access to additional data structures and algorithms that are currently only available at a C++ level at this point. This plugin works in Blueprint-only and C++ UE4 projects alike. At the time of writing this, this plugin gives access to Sort() for int32, floats, strings, and names with no additional work. With slightly more work, you can set it up to work with objects as well (tutorial of that available on my website at the bottom of this post). The plugin also offers a Queue Wrapper that provides Blueprint level access to the TQueue data type that comes standard in Unreal 4’s C++ library.

How simple is primitive sorting (int32, float, string, name)?

Primitive sorting as simple as that. Heap sorting is also now supported, in addition to heap popping and heap pushing.

What queue features are available?
New features (for Blueprinting purposes only):
Enforcing Same Class - A boolean that, if set to true, requires all objects added to the queue to be of the same class or a child of the class.
Enforced Class - A subclass node that lets you set the class to be enforced

Supported standard features:

Current stable version: 0.3 RC1
Current test version: 0.4 RC1

Fuzzytotems’ UE4 Plugin Homepage

Amazing! Was going to put 1 of these together myself shortly for another project. Don’t know why it hasn’t been available in blueprints yet.

Will definitely give it a go shortly!

Glad to hear it! Hopefully it suits your needs. I plan on adding more features to it in the future (including more data structure wrappers). I hope to enable most of Unreal 4’s data structures in the same style as the QueueWrapper.

Apologies for the enormous delay. Multiple deaths in the family slowed down 0.4’s release candidate immensely.

0.4 RC1 contains basic heap support. Heapify (which is done through the Sort > Heap Sort option), Heap Pop, and Heap Push. I hope to get this project rolling again.

Sorry to hear about the losses, hopefully you and your family are in a good place now. Glad to see you back at work, though!!!