[Plugin] WindowsTextureMovie Plugin

appears to be machine related, possibly graphics card. ignore my last post. :smiley:
works awesome on another machine!

Ehamloptiran, I am refactoring the movie player API this week to make it easier to implement support for new movie formats. Hit me up if you’re interested in working on this together - yours can be the first user plug-in to use the new API then.

Stuff like this is why you guys are awesome. :slight_smile:

For sure, very interested, keep me posted :slight_smile:

Don’t know if I’m just suffering from a lack of sleep or what but trying to get this thing working is very confusing. I can compile UE4 no problem but have never used plugins from source code until this one, I’ve put it in the stated directory - both in the engine to try (which it then did show up in the editor but wouldn’t work - errors) and tried in a blank C++ project too. I’ve seen conflicted advice on where EXACTLY and what exact contents must go where - for me pref in a custom engine build (4.1.1) rather than per project.

I have tried it in the root dir - as plugins folder, and it then wouldn’t generate VS project files from the .bat.

can you spell it out for me as If my iq is only 10 (and maybe it is at the moment) about where exactly I need to place the folder “TextureMoviePlugin-master” OR the contents inside, which is the “Plugins” folder. in an UE4 engine source directory the ‘plugins’ folder should be in WHICH directory exactly?

if I go into plugins folder of UE4 it lists ie experimental, oculus rift etc… so by dragging plugins into the folder above this it places “resources” and “source” (and the uplugin file) directly into the plugins folder along side oculus rift etc

what i’m saying is, have you named your directories wrong? cos it would seem the folder inside UE4 “plugins” should be “windowstexturemovie” but instead the folder to drag in is itself called plugins! - and if I drag the folder above this (windows texture) then that has a plugins folder in it… god it’s confusing even writing this… :slight_smile:

essentially should I make a folder called “windowstexturemovie” in teh same plugins dir as “oculus rift” etc and then WITHIN that folder drag out “source” and “resources” into windowstexturemovie - rather than a subdir ‘plugins’ within windowstexturemovie folder…

oh dear I seem to have gone cross eyed.

Anyway I really want to get this to work as it’s essential for something I need to try out in UE4 and thanks again for making it. :slight_smile:

This is how I have it setup to compile at work.

My Project location is: F:\UnrealEngine\Projects\TestProject (This is the folder that contains my TestProject.uproject)
Inside here I have a Plugins directory (F:\UnrealEngine\Projects\TestProject\Plugins)
Inside here I have WindowsTextureMovie directory (This is the folder that contains the WindowsTextureMovie.uplugin file and the Source and Resources folder)

So your structure should look like the following:

[FONT=Courier New]<Project>

Thank you! I got it working now :slight_smile:

hey Ehamloptiran

great project! So there is not a precompiled version of the plugin?

also maybe for the future take a look at the HAP codec, it is powerful running mostly on GPU and open source

I haven’t made enough progress this week - too many fires from the 4.2 release. I’m hoping to finish the new API for video player plugins today. Will probably get in touch with you early next week.

No worries, understandable. Take your time.

Just wanted to ask, the wmv textures I have in game look as if their frame rate is correct, but when I render a movie out of matinee they appear to about 3-4x faster. To compensate I have to render my footage out at ~120fps or re export at 10fps for a movie.
Has anybody experienced this…same for both 4.1.1 & 4.2 and on two machines with similar but not the same specs.


You mention above that, “MP4 support had been temporarily disabled due to some missing attribute.” Do you have any more information about what might be missing?

Secondly, do you know if streaming is supported, or does the movie have to be fully in memory?


Just a quick update from my end… I’m still working on rewriting the video player API in UE4, but it’s on track for 4.3. A lot of things will change; the UCodecMovie stuff from UE3 will go away, and the new framework will be built on top of Core, so it can be used for both Engine and Slate apps. I’m also doing some initial work for later subtitles and positioned audio support down the road. If nothing else gets in the way, I should have most of video playback done for Mac and Windows this week. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

@Stephen: Both streaming from file and from memory will be supported. The default will be to stream from file, but you will be able to change it in the Content Browser. On supported platforms you may also be able to stream over the internet by providing an URL, but I haven’t tested that yet. On Windows it will probably just work through the Media Foundation, but I don’t want to promise too much right now. It’s definitely something I’d like to support at some point. The new API will also be extensible through plug-ins, so you can register your own video players (I’m thinking YouTube etc.)

You guys rock, this is awesome work.

Hey guys, I just want to post a quick update. This project has turned into a lot more work than I anticipated, but as a result it will also be much better. Unfortunately, I felt that it wasn’t quite polished enough yet to make it into 4.3 (check-in deadline was last Friday), so it will have to go into 4.4 instead. If you are compiling your own Editor from the Master branch then you will have access to it earlier - I will check in the first batch of files today or tomorrow.

I ended up writing a whole new framework for media playback that will support both the Engine and Slate, as well as Blueprints and UMG. There will also be support for multiple streams per file, including subtitles. The initial check-in will only have the Windows Media Foundation decoder converted to a plug-in, but we will port the decoders from other platforms, such as Mac, iOS and Android over the course of the next days and weeks, and we will also upgrade the startup movie implementation to use this new framework. It might not happen before August though, because we will be making a big push for improving mobile platform workflows this month.

Thanks for your patience - I will keep you posted.


Good work, can’t wait to try it out.

Wow this is awesome Gerke!

I can’t wait to try it out!




This sounds great. Am I right in thinking that this update (in 4.4/August) will allow a content-only project to play movies at arbitrary points during a game, on PC and mobile platforms? Will the mobile platforms support movie textures, or just fullscreen playback?

Is it possible to play DLNA video streams using this plugin?

Hey so I am trying to use your plugin, and for the most part, it works just fine and the movie texture looks great in the editor. But if I try to package the game, the movie texture shows up as a flashing changing light colors. Is there something specific I need to do to package the game with the movie texture?