(Plugin) Vik's Foliage Tool


I’m developing a new plugin for foliage. It works as an extension of Unreal’s foliage tools, using the scatter data but adds a completely new way of mesh management, and most importantly: size-dependent-mesh-variation. (Big instances get grown tree mesh, all the way down to the smallest instances getting a sapling mesh.) Besides this it also has a whole bunch of options to manipulate the foliage data, like adding non-destructive noise or a simple scale-remapping.


This trailer gives you an idea: Unreal Plugin Foliage Tool Beta Trailer 2 - YouTube

It’s basically done, I’m only looking for a few people to do some beta testing. It’s ideal if you already are working with foliage on a project and have your own assets. Let me know if you’re interested!


Looks interesting I could possibly be interested

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in essence:

your foliage all have the same mesh :hot_face:

Result has custom meshes varied over size :blush:

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This looks really neat, been looking for something that can handle fall-off and variation without having to hand author placement.

I would also be interested in this type of functionality.

This looks pretty interesting! The foliage painting/spawning tools in Unreal definitely had some room to improve.

Does this plugin also have a way to procedurally set Per Instance Data by any chance?

This looks great! I’ve had my frustrations with unreal’s foliage tools. Looking forward to it.

Nice to hear! sorry for the late reply!

Hey, what do you mean with “set Per Instance Data”? (sorry for the late reply)

per instance custom data lets you control a material parameter in the individual instance but still renders them all as one ism or hism
this looks cool i was trying to do a falloff the other day but not so successful

Oh, right, I know that node… accessed in the material. Well, yes that data exists just like with the normal foliage, but there’s no way to alter that data. It’s pretty much useful just being random as I’ve used it. Each HISM can have a different material too, so you can decide what to do with that data per mesh.

Hello, I’m very interested in this plugin. I’ve been trying to procedurally spawn different mesh variations, not really based on size, I simply want to spawn groups of various rocks, grass, fern, trees, etc. and all my attempts resulted in poor performance. I’ll be happy to buy this from the marketplace, do you have an eta when you might release the plugin?