(Plugin) Vik's Foliage Tool


I’m developing a new plugin for foliage. It works as an extension of Unreal’s foliage tools, using the scatter data but adds a completely new way of mesh management, and most importantly: size-dependent-mesh-variation. (Big instances get grown tree mesh, all the way down to the smallest instances getting a sapling mesh.) Besides this it also has a whole bunch of options to manipulate the foliage data, like adding non-destructive noise or a simple scale-remapping.


This trailer gives you an idea: ViksFoliageTool Beta Trailer - YouTube

It’s basically done, I’m only looking for a few people to do some beta testing. It’s ideal if you already are working with foliage on a project and have your own assets. Let me know if you’re interested!


Looks interesting I could possibly be interested

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in essence:

your foliage all have the same mesh :hot_face:

Result has custom meshes varied over size :blush:

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This looks really neat, been looking for something that can handle fall-off and variation without having to hand author placement.

I would also be interested in this type of functionality.

This looks pretty interesting! The foliage painting/spawning tools in Unreal definitely had some room to improve.

Does this plugin also have a way to procedurally set Per Instance Data by any chance?