[Plugin] Top Down Shooter Code Kit (TDSCodeKit)

Hello everyone.

I would like to talk about the plugin I’m working on. In fact, this is a set of C ++ classes with which you can make Top Down Shooter. It focuses on creating a single player game.

I made a build you can indulge** :)**
Download: Try Demo (Win64) (731Mb)

Video (Playlist): [Plugin] Top Down Shooter (WIP) [0] - YouTube

Currently the plugin contains more than 50 classes.
What has already been done:

  • Character

  • weapon aiming

  • Character stats (life and armor)

  • Inventory

  • Equipment (this is an extended inventory of functionality)

  • Camera rotation, zoom in and zoom out

  • **Items **(which can be pick up)

  • Weapons, some have shooting modes (gun, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher)

  • Throwing weapons (so far only fragmentation grenade)

  • Special weapons (mine, and mine with a laser detector)

  • Medicine

  • Armor (character model changes and armor stat is added)

  • Projectiles

  • 2 basic types of projectiles for overlapping and hit

  • bullets without ballistics (they fly just straight and disappear after some time)

  • bullets leave decals which disappear (different depending on the surface, but I still have 1 for all surfaces)

  • bullets can pierce surfaces such as wood and flesh (there are various settings)

  • bullets can ricochet from surfaces such as metal (there are various settings)

  • ballistic grenades (grenade launcher)

  • **Enemies **(Zombies and man with assault rifle)

  • can idle and when they see a player, they will attack him

  • may accidentally roam around the starting point

  • can patrol by spline (not exactly by spline but by spline points)

  • if they lose the player from view then they will look for him around the point where they last saw him and if they don’t find them return to their default settings

  • if you shoot an enemy from afar, he will go looking for the player at the point from which they shot him

  • **Surfaces **in which various sounds and particles are reproduced when bullets hit

  • wood

  • stone

  • metall

  • flesh

  • “Chests” to which you can go open, put things or take

  • Explosive barrels that damage living creatures and push physical objects apart

  • **Button / lever **(opens the door)

  • Door

  • opens just when interacting with her

  • opens by using a key (you need a specific item in the inventory)

  • by button / lever

  • Multicolor highlighting of interactive objects when hovering, weapons, ammunition, medicine, doors, etc. (there are 4 colors but I use 2 so far)

I’ve been working on it for more than 3 months, but not full time days, I try to do something steadily every day to advance.

In the picture below, the activity from the repository shows the days I worked on the plugin in a red rectangle and if anyone is interested in statistics, 11 commits per day** :)**

If I get to the release, most assets will not be included in the plugin since cannot include other assets from the store (can only from Epic). But I plan to show how it will be possible to configure everything in the documentation and in the video with assets that I used, some of them are free.

If you are interested in such a plugin, you can tell what functionality you would like to see, maybe I’ll do it.
Criticism is also welcome.

Thanks for stopping by** :)**