Plugin to remove/modify loop limit?

Could I make a request for someone to create a plugin to remove/modify the RUNAWAY_LIMIT in ScriptCore.cpp?

Would I be better off digging into the source myself and adding a few zeroes and then recompiling? I am wary of tinkering around in there…

That sounds like a very bad idea potentially, is this in regards to the thread you posted the other day about UE4 using 14gb of memory for your script and then hitting a limit?

That limit probably protects against a LOT of problems, if anything the only thing you’d want to do is make the number smaller.

The 14GB of memory was me dropping a procedural generator into the world that also created more of itself. That isn’t the real problem I have, just the problem I created when trying to move my generator from construction to event graph.

The real problem I have is that my map generator needs millions of iterations to function properly, especially when I start generating maps with 12000+ tiles.

Rather than a hard limit, there should simply be an indicator that would show you how many loops are being performed, and a crash log with that number if you hit an infinite loop. Or a simple setting in the interface where you can set the number of loops that the editor allows. This should be more of a failsafe preference, not a hard coded engine limitation.