Plugin to import OpenGEX animated models - possible?

More like a question than a feature request (although if Epic could do it, it would be awesome).

There are a few open model and animation formats in the wild that could potentially work as replacement for FBX.

Is it possible to write a plugin for UE4 to import skinned and animated models in OpenGEX format?

OpenGEX documentation:

The reason I am asking is that Blender devs are exhausted dealing with FBX. It works for now, but since Autodesk isn’t willing to open the specs, it becomes harder and harder to maintain. I am sure that eventually (and the main FBX dev already spoken) they will freeze the support for FBX I/O. It would be nice to be able easily bring data from Blender to UE4 and OpenGEX seems to be one mature open source solution.


Sooo, yes/no/maybe-so ?