[Plugin] StahpFreeze - lower editor process priority


I quickly hacked together a simple one-liner plugin that lowers the editor’s process priority to below-normal to prevent freezing the entire computer on some CPU-heavy tasks.
It’s not a great workaround but it works for me and I just wanted to share.

If there’s a simpler built-in solution and I wasted 30 min of my life, plz let me know. :smiley:

Source and binaries can be found on GitHub: GitHub - Noxygen/StahpFreeze: Lowers UE4 editor process priority.



Thank you for your plugin :wink:

I have a question: i am using the Insurgency Sandstorm’s modding tools. When i start the editor, it tells me the plugin is not suited for my version (4.25.2) and if i want to load it anyway. Can i load it securely considering your plugin is for 4.25.0?

Did you download the binary release?…es/tag/v1.0.25

Yes, i downloaded just that.

Hmm, I’m using it in my 25.2 engine’s plugin folder and it works just fine. Did you try modifying the “EngineVersion” variable in the .uplugin file as a workaround?
If it’s still showing you the warning I might recompile it for you.

If it works in your 25.2, it should works in the modding tools i am using. I didn’t try that workaround because the editor offers me the possibility to activate it anyway. I just wanted to know if i risked some crash, but it shouldn’t be the case.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I tried to enable it, but it says that it needs to be rebuilt, and it asks me if i want to rebuild it. Should i click yes or waiting for a recompile of yours?

I recompiled it for you but it actually shouldn’t make any difference whatsoever. Maybe it’s an issue with this Modding Tools stuff, dunno…

Yeah, i too suspect it is an issue with this modding tools. I will try your recompiled one. Thank you again.

I tried your recompiled plugin, but it still says that it is for another engine version and it has to be rebuilt. Tried to rebuild but then it says “can’t rebuild Insurgency”. So, it should be definitely an issue with that modding tools.

Bye Bye :slight_smile: