Plugin SmoothLODCreator for smooth LOD transition

In projects there are often meshes in which Levels Of Details differ in size and color. If the LOD change happens instantly and a change in color and size is seen it is highly annoying.

The plugin allows you to create a smooth change between different LOD.

Smooth transition in some cases allows to output low-level LOD at a closer distance.
Materials from the plugin can be useful for smooth dissolution of the last LOD which will allow you to start drawing them at closer distances. This function will also be useful if there is fog on the scene.

Plugin creates a LOD smooth transition for Static Meshes and also for Instanced Static Meshes (foliage, etc.).


We invite you…ngoflandscapes

@ScienceTech I just bought your plugin for trying out if it fits my needs, but then realized it’s not updated for 4.22 yet. Do you have plans to update it to 4.22 in the near future?

Hello HaBe2305
Yes, we will make the update. The update takes a little longer than we thought. Significantly updated system in version UE4.22

Thanks for the info, good to hear. Good luck then for the update.

We have completed the plugin update for UE4.24. It will take some time for approval from Epic.