Plugin shutdown/reload

I’m currently developing a plugin for my application (not for the Editor) but I noticed that the module loaded through the function FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked doesn’t get shutdown when i Stop the preview of the application (Play/Stop in the editor).

Is there any way to shutdown the module and reload it each time I Play the preview without closing and reopening the Unreal Engine Editor?

Also, I have the same problem with updating the Plugin’s code: since it doesn’t get unloaded by the editor I need to restart it to force the editor to pick the last compiled code.

P.s. I would have looked for answers myself on the wiki/documentation, but for some reason I can’t access the official website right now.
Thank you!

Found a solution, for anyone interested: I used the function “EndPlay” to unload the plugin.

Uhm, sorry to throw this up again but I have the same question, but there are many EndPlay functions… From which class you mean the function where I can call it?
Thanks :slight_smile: