[Plugin] Runtime Mesh Loader

Use this plugin with ProceduralMeshComponent,you can load mesh with Blueprint in runtime,support relative and absolute Path.

Support mesh format:

  • 3DS
  • BLEND (Blender)
  • DAE/Collada
  • FBX
  • ASE
  • DXF
  • HMP
  • MD2
  • MD3
  • MD5
  • MDC
  • MDL
  • NFF
  • PLY
  • STL
  • X
  • OBJ
  • OpenGEX
  • SMD
  • LWO
  • LXO
  • LWS
  • TER
  • AC3D
  • MS3D
  • COB
  • Q3BSP
  • XGL
  • CSM
  • BVH
  • B3D
  • NDO
  • Ogre Binary
  • Ogre XML
  • Q3D
  • ASSBIN (Assimp custom format)
  • glTF (partial)
  • 3MF

You can just use this plugin GitHub - GameInstitute/RuntimeMeshLoader: RuntimeMeshLoader for UE4

Very nice! This should make supporting mods easier.

Very cool, looking forward to trying it out !

Checked source and you saved me some typing, I’m not entirely sure but I think dependency or usage of ProceduralMeshComponent is not necessary in plugin as it is not used anywhere in code, you do store all loaded information in your custom structs if I’m not mistaken. Anyway thank you and GREAT FIRST POST!

Why can’t open the package exe?It is perfectly working in editor.

Hi! Can you make the runtime exporter?

Hi, i am new on Unreal (i have spent a lot of time on Unity ) and i need using for work, i need to create a runtime mesh importer, i have downloaded it but i dont know how to use it. Can i create a c++ class and include the blueprint class inside it, is there an example scene where i can see how to use the plugin ? or some readme. Please help me

I had successfully load 3D model in Windows.

How to load 3D model in Android?

When run in the editor, everything works fine. However, in the compiled version there is a critical error. How to fix it? Thanks for help!

UE 4.21

Hi, Rusel2050 .

Have you solved the problem yet? wait your answer.

Does the plugin supports 4.21?

Any Idea if you can extend this to alembic ABC files ?

I’m able to run it in the editor, but getting assertion crash during runtime.

Open RuntimeMeshLoader.uplugin and change “Type” to “Runtime”.

What’s the usage license? Are we allowed to modify and use this without any limitations in our projects?

the license is specified in the GitHub repository. It’s the MIT license (open source) and here’s the URL to the LICENSE file if you need it: https://github.com/GameInstitute/RuntimeMeshLoader/blob/master/LICENSE

@serioussam909 @Rusel2050 I’m new to Unreal and I tried this plugin, but it’s different with ones in windows model builder, Can anybody give me help on this? The following is my usage.
1.Create a actor with proceduralmesh component.
2.bp.png is my BP
3.rightshow.png display the original obj model
4.Wrongshow.png is displayed by This plugin.
I’ve no idea why the shape is in distortion and texture is gone.

For anyone downloading this plugin check out here: Comparing GameInstitute:master...Branden0Marais:patch-1 · GameInstitute/RuntimeMeshLoader · GitHub . Its a fix for a error on plugin compile.

I’ve tried this for version 4.21.1 and 4.2.1 but I get a incompatible version

It’s in the right location I think

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.2\Engine\Plugins
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Plugins

can anyone explain what I did wrong or what version this is actually for

Thanks in advance


To understand what I was doing I made a short video this including making a plugin forlder for the projects directly and still didn’t work