[Plugin][Released] LAT - Level artist tools. editor extension for 4.18.3

Hello everyone,

Recently I reached the release 0.2 milestone for my plugin.
The aim of the tool is to improve workflow inside unreal 4 and to assist: level artist, level designers and world builders.

I’m open for feature request, critique and feedback.

Pre-build version:
Source version:

Features: [HR][/HR]Transform tools:
Mirror actor over local and world-space.
Offset actor over world , local-space with ability to keep the original.

Vertex color adjustment tools:
Vertex selection based adjustments.
Color fill & discard per channel and selection.
Uniform color adjustment per channel and selection.
Contrast per channel and selection.
LOD Selection.

Outliner staticmesh actor renamer:
Renames actors based on Static-mesh component.
Supports Prefix, Infix and suffix

Combined instance actor : CIA
Convert selected Static-mesh actors into one instanced actor.
Separate the actor back into single actors.
Adding new instances by combining single actors with the instanced actor.

Known issues:
Vertex colors don’t propagate to lower LODS.
Some settings in general settings aren’t saved at the moment

Incoming features:
Rotation offset tool.
Combined version of Mirror,Offset and rotation tool with number of iterations ( Something close to maya’s duplicate special).
Custom tear off panel creation, the ability to add desired tools into one panel.
Lighting manager, a window that lists all the lights in the scene and adjustable parameters for each of them.
More later.



Looks useful. It’s strange, the actor to instance functionality isn’t there natively in the editor.

Do you have plans for a marketplace release?
Can you elaborate on the difference in license options - “source (indie)” vs “source”?