[PLUGIN] Region Pathing - Pathfinder

Hello All,

Rama and I have recently completed a pathfinder plugin that we submitted to the marketplace. You now have full control over the movement of actors throughout a map! We have designed an easy to use workflow, which we feel can add a lot to most games! It is a plugin and it is no telling when the plugin marketplace will be available, so we have talked about possibly starting to distribute the plugin depending a few factors. As well I would like any feedback and questions you have for us! You can find the marketplace forum post Here, which contains the explained workflow and some background behind what goes on to make it very efficient. I will soon include a Jump Pathing workflow that will work along side it (more to come), which allows any actor to jump off of objects, on to objects, or across gaps to more efficiently/dynamically path to the target, so long as the jump is relevant to the current path chosen.

More to come, and thank you for stopping by,

Cptship (Jack)

Promotional Video:


**Demonstration Download:**Pathtopia - TrafficLights](

This looks good.
It is possible to have auto placement of regions based on level objects and heights ?
Can it be auto generated for big open worlds ?

3D Pathfinding solutions next??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun Car AI Using Region Pathing

Dear Community,

Here is a video of an AI car pathing setup that uses the Region Pathing Plugin.

No nav mesh is used in this demo, the cars are choosing paths randomly using my C++ node network traversal algorithm and Jack’s path following blueprint code for UE4 Vehicles!

Feel free to try it out yourself!

Project Download

Fun Car AI - Dropbox - Error



:eek: :slight_smile:


It is possible, though not easy. We will see what we can come up with,


I would just like to say that the driving you have there is pretty representative of my city :stuck_out_tongue:

Returning to pathing, UDK lacked any sort of workable 3D pathing, so it would be very cool to have this in UE4!

Think Fifth Element style of car gameplay.


Awesome movie. This style could definitely be possible! I am just about done with a 2d city traffic example and the same method could easily apply. If I find some more spare time I will try and set up this type of example. I would have fun doing so.

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This looks really interesting. Does it support blocking a region node at runtime?