[Plugin] RadiantUI WebUI Plugin

RadiantUI has been updated to UE 4.6, and the full source code and example project has been released free-of-charge under the MIT license on GIT hub.

Existing licencees: The store will be taken offline but I will continue to support you through this release.

Key Features:

  • Render HTML/CSS/JavaScript to any surface/material in the game.
  • No C++ coding required, everything is done through blueprints and components.
  • Automatic Input handling: Walk up to any WebActor and use the mouse and keyboard automatically (Doom3 style interfaces).
  • Supports non-flat surfaces: You can map a WebActor onto any mesh and still interact with it (Curved computer screens etc).
  • Networked gameplay support: Multiple players can interact with the same WebActor and see the same output.

Thanks for watching!

Looks great! Is it based on Webkit, Berkelium, or something else?
If I wanted to use this as a material in ortho mode (HUD / overlay / GUI) would that be easy or hard?

It’s very easy to use it as a HUD and I (doh!) neglected to demonstrate that. There is a HUDElement blueprint that can be used to place elements on the HUD (again no C++ code needed for this), and interact with them. It’s based on CEF3.

That’s awesome, I’m using ufna’s VaQuoleUI plugin for my project but this does sound awesome especially network features. Can’t wait to check it out, when do you think you’ll have a releasable build ready?

Thanks I’m glad you like it. I’m hoping to have something close to a v1.0 in a couple of weeks. At least enough to open it up to some testing. I’ll keep the forums updated with progress.

truly amazing!

Let us know when your plugin is ready please!



Sweet, can’t wait.

Oh, nice. Me want! Why you tease me so?

Looks great! I was just investigating UE4/CEF3 integration myself and found your post while checking if anyone else has gone down the same path. What are your release plans for this?

  • Dave

Looks awesome!

Thanks! I’d like to have a first version available in about a week. I’m putting together demo content and how to’s right now, but the SDK is essentially done.

I am drooling my face off.

Will this work on mobiles as well?

The initial release will be windows only, and if there is enough interest I’ll port it to to Mac & Linux. CEF3 doesn’t support mobile right now. I’m not sure if or when it will.

If there was enough interest in mobile and it felt like a worthwhile investment for me to work on it the CEF3 backend could be exchanged for something else.

So, if you wanted to create a HUD with this, would you need to have a plane in front of your camera and render things on that? (if I am understanding what you mean by rendering web pages on objects). Or is there a separate method for that type of thing, apart from the rendering on objects part?

Since the forums went down and there was some data loss I’m reposting the new video I did last night. I also modified the opening thread post.

Here’s the old video for those that are intersted:

Looks amazing, good job!

Super excited! So since the CEF is cross-platform would it be relatively straightforward for someone to get it running on linux/mac or do they have to mess with the plugin code?

Yes in theory. The plugin only supports windows right now, there is some custom glue code that’s needed per platform to bind with CEF and that will need to be ported to mac and linux and that comes down to time and demand. The plugin source will let anyone that wants port it to other platforms, and time permitting I’ll probably do this myself at some point, at least for Mac. Windows is the biggest market and that’s my focus initially.

The “game code”, i.e. blueprints and C++ code written against the SDK won’t need to be ported.

Makes sense, can’t wait