[Plugin] RadiantUI Now Free Under MIT License - UIs, HUDs, - HTML5/Javascript/CSS

RadiantUI has been updated to UE 4.6, and the full source code and example project has been released free-of-charge under the MIT license on GIT hub.

Existing licencees: The store will be taken offline but I will continue to support you through this release.

Key Features:

  • Render HTML/CSS/JavaScript to any surface/material in the game.
  • No C++ coding required, everything is done through blueprints and components.
  • Automatic Input handling: Walk up to any WebActor and use the mouse and keyboard automatically (Doom3 style interfaces).
  • Supports non-flat surfaces: You can map a WebActor onto any mesh and still interact with it (Curved computer screens etc).
  • Networked gameplay support: Multiple players can interact with the same WebActor and see the same output.

Thanks for watching!

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