[PLUGIN] Playable Planet Creator

Tired of creating Small “Open” Worlds? Want to create real size playable planets like Star Citizens or No Man’s Sky with unbouned terrains, no precision issues and no loading time?


  • Real World Planet Sizes

  • Playable Procedural Planet Generation

  • Customize planet generation: Planet Size, Tectonic plates, oceans, mountains, rivers, biomes etc. You can create any kind of planet: Earth-like, rocky planets or new kind…You have full control.

  • Scattering objects

  • Create your custom materials

  • Geo-localized Unreal Engine level Support: Add highly detailed level at a specific location on the planet for a base or city?

  • Plugin for navigation: Keep vertical Cartesian coordinates systems locally (Working with Chaos), planet rotating, precision issues fixed.

  • Use Unreal Engine workflow in a planet context

  • Blueprint customizations

Note: In the screenshots, colors are used to show the splatmaps


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Looks like I’ll be the first to post again in this new thread. But if I hadn’t seen the others, I might be more cautious. However it looks like you have the talent to pull this off, just like Simon and Max. So yes this would be absolutely huge! Overall, the work in this area is mind-blowing! :ringer_planet:While there’s lots of excitement around UE5, nothing compares with this kind of feature imho. Help us set expectations a little. Will this be available for both UE4 + UE5, or just UE5, and when will we see this on the Marketplace in the worst case scenario?


Thank you @UnrealEnterprise !

The technology is ready, and it’s more the productization part that needs to be done.

My goal is to have it for both UE4+ and UE5. It’s a part time project, depending in users feedbacks I will see how much effort I need to put in.


That is fantastic work you have done! We are working on a UE4/5 game & developing with Omniverse. I would like to talk to you about the production side. There are a few steps to it that I am sounding out with AWS for the Cloud XR and Nvidia Enterprise Cloud. There are several connectors for it all to assemble together and stream. Also, I would like to sandbox your plugin:)

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Thank you Ski_H_Bridges!

In fact, Omniverse is the future of production.
Absolutely, Sandboxing the plugin is completely feasible :grinning:

I am available if you want to schedule a meeting to discuss the details.

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Awesome sessid!

This is going to be a blast.
Let me know how you want to connect.
We are working this afternoon and all day tomorrow,
if you have time this weekend~


Hello Ski_H_Bridges,

Sorry for the delay.
I will send you the details by PM.

Hi sessid,
I look forward to scheduling when conveneint.