[Plugin] Paper Expanded: Tile Blueprints

What is it?

A plugin that I’ll be using to collect components / tools developed to work with Paper2D.
Currently the plugin contains one component, an asset type for use with the component and an actor. All Works With Blueprint!
These are used to spawn blueprints on a tilemap while allowing you to easily draw objects into the map allowing for quick edits to a level.

I originally did this for myself but have been encouraged to start releasing the stuff I make by friends and developer.

** Latest Update **

A new blueprint node has been added to the plugin in addition to a new option when using the SpawnBlueprintAt Node.

I currently write my plugin in 4.15.3 but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in 4.16.

Feature Overview:

Tile Blueprint Data [New Asset]


Allows the Blueprint Spawner Component to spawn blueprints at specific tiles. Allows the option for a Tile Blueprint Set to replace the tiles used to create the actor.
The Data Asset Contains:

  • Tileset: The tileset the data applies to
  • Replace: Whether the tile is replaced or remains when we spawn the actor.
  • Blueprint: Define the index of the tile and the actor class that we want to spawn.
  • Future Feature: I’d like to make it so replacement is defined per a tile opposed to per a tile blueprint data.

Blueprint Spawner Component [New Component]
Uses the blueprints defined in Tile Blueprint Data to spawn blueprints.

Two important functions:

  • InitialiseSpawner: Sets up the tilemap component to spawn blueprints on.
  • SpawnBlueprintsOnMap: Spawns the tile blueprints sets on the map.

These can be called in blueprint and C++ so if you want to use it with blueprints you can.


Tile Blueprint Actor

An actor setup with a tilemap component and blueprint spawner component initialised in C++.
Allows you to define blueprints, and then paint into the tilemap for quick edits.

Get the plugin here.

You can add the plugin to a project or the engines plugin folder. If you want to contribute feel free to branch from the project :slight_smile:

You can also see how these features work in action in this here.

Bugs, Feature Requests
Please report any bugs, I will try to fix them.
Also feel free to ask for features I can look at adding them to the plugin.
Also I’m new to this so please let me know if there’s something I’ve missed.

What’s next?
Tile Data Storage

  • Used to store tags or values on a tile location

This is pretty badass! So you can draw tilesets and gameplay inside the tile editor so everything is snapped correctly, then convert to cusotm BP at run time?

Yup, this allows you to define individual tiles as blueprints you have created. You could use this to place gameplay elements into the tilemap, with the assigned blueprints spawned when you call Spawn Blueprints on Map.

EDIT: There will be a new update today that fixes a small bug and also adds a new blueprint node.

I’ve released a new update for the plugin that fixes a couple limitations of the nodes I introduced. These limitations included the Collision Thickness of the map having to be the default 50, and not being able to ignore thickness for sidescrolling hit locations.

I’ve provided some images below to illustrate how the new version of the node works:




As usual you can get the plugin here.

Hello there! This plugin is awesome! U still working on this?