[Plugin] OGG Import

I have created a quick pplugin that allows UE4 to import OGG files.


  • patent-free format. (anyone can use)
  • Much smaller file size than wav (ex. 30mb Wav ~= 5mb)


This is cool. Theres another implementation of this which works at runtime included in Rama’s Victory plugin if anyone’s interested.

I am deciding to imbed this into the unreal engine source code. I don’t know why Epic never added the ability to drag&drop OGG files in the editor yet when its so easy to implement.

This is epic! Exactly what my Voice Over workflow needed.

Code looks quite simple. Does it work on PS4 and Xbox without issues?

Does this version work with 4.20 or 4.21?? How do you install it?

@tapirtoon It’s a plugin, so you just add plugin to project.

Hovewer, it’s not relevant anymore. Ability to import more formats has been recently to the master branch.
I tested importing OGG and Flac. I’ve seen Aif format on supported format list, but I didn’t bother to test it.