[PLUGIN] NPC Optimizator

NPC Optimizator - it’s a plugin provide you flexible automatic NPC optimization for you game.

By changing an extensive number of settings, you can balance between quality and speed of your NPCs.

Video demonstration of work: Watch

Documentation: Watch

Demo project: Download

Example project for owners: Download

Support Discord group : Enter

How it works:

  • Plugin check player position & distance to every bots on map
  • Calculates the angle of view of the camera and breaks bots into waves
  • For every wave do bot optimization (Depending on distance and settings)

Additional information:

  • This plugin optimize skeletal meshes & character movement
  • If you use it for bots based on ACharacter class - you give max optimization
  • You can also use it for any pawn, but plugin will be optimize only skeletal mesh & tick rate pawn movement
  • Plugin optimize all skeletal meshes for owner

[NPC Optimizator] - v.1.2

**Fixed : **

  • Issue with flying some characters in no optimization wave
  • Issue with self controlled optimizated character


  • Blueprint function “DisableAllOptimizations”

**Tweaked: **

  • MORE optimization logic & tweaks
  • Added new potato mode to example project
  • Now have ~ +20-40 fps in some scenarios
  • Updated demo project
  • Update example project

New demonstration:

For getting update - restart Epic Games Launcher