Plugin (module) One instance for each client

I’ve create a networking plugin and I’m trying to create an unique instance per client instance in the editor. If I use the launch button or another editor instance, it’s ok, but when I choose to have multiple PIE windows (clients), the plugin dll is shared between them and it’s a mess because confuses all the logic in there. Even if I use an actor, all the things done in the plugin module are shared between all the clients instances , therefore I can’t use the same window (PIE) …do you know how to achieve this? (I’m not using the option single process to launch various windows)

Is your plugin using values from your game that are replicated or coming from the server which may be causing the logic to mess up? For example a value from the Game Mode or Game State.
Running multiple client on editor without single process shouldn’t be causing any problem.

Could you give an example of a problem being caused by this?

No, I dont use replication in anything (deactivated everywhere) because my plugin does the replication with its own network (photon cloud), so the only thing i want to know is how am i getting values? …I think I made a mistake using the shared memory of the plugin module (FPhotonCloudAPIModule::Get() ,that’s a IModuleInterface) , so i dont use that anymore, and now, I create a single actor in each client that is not shared and i dont use any static variable.

This is what i was getting with 1 instance (1), and it didnt matter if it was single process or listen server/client -always offline,no autoconnect- , and with 2 editor instances (using launch and then one offline instance in the editor itself).

After the static change I can only have separated behaviours even with plugin shared memory if I use a dedicated server , because the player controllers change and this way i only have one (0).