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At the beginning i wanted to say sorry for my english, i’ve never been in state speaking english.
So my question: i did game on UE4, i added baner in my game, but ad in baner is very bad, because baner show ad facebook and etc. Nobody will click ad like that. I wanted to use mediation, but for using mediation, i have to do this in android studio, but i not work in android studio. There are instruction for Unity, how can i use mediation for UE4 ?? i found plugin for UE4, but it’s paid, what should i do ?? why guys from epic games don’t deal this problem? cause if they will decide this problem, people will earn more money and epic games too, can someone help me with this problem???

P.S. the price of plugin costs 99 dollars, for american guys it’s small money, but i live in russia, and if consider exchange rates and others factors, the price is very big money in Russia, in three times bigger than for you, as if you will pay not 99 dollars, and 300-400 dollars. I’m student, i have no money like this. Сan someone help me with this problem???

You can check my plugins:

And check this thread for more info and post there any problems you have trying to integrate them in your game:

I have integrated Rewarded Video Ads functionality from all major ad providers, AppLovin, AdColony, Chartboost, UnityAds, Vungle.

You don’t need a mediation you can make a “waterfall” of ads. Check i f network A is available show and or if it is not go to next etc. You can mix them however you want. Also you can limit the numbers of ads per day, usually the first few ads are high ecpm.
So finish one network then if there is no ad available go to the next one etc.

If you want interstitial ads(no video), your options will be the the new AdMob interstitial ads blueprint nodes, with unreal engine 4.14 and Chartboost plugin from SDKBOX at marketplace.

Again you don’t need mediation. You can mix the two from AdMob and Chartboost.

Of course you can have both interstitial ads and Rewarded video ads in your game.

Start exploring the above content and choose what is right for you.

Good luck!

Don’t worry man! :wink: Please contact me via PM, I’ll give you a big christmas discount for Universal Mobile Ads. This is exactly what you need - AdMob Mediation :slight_smile:

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