[PLUGIN] Logitech LED SDK Control

This is a simple plugin implementation of the Logitech LED Illumination SDK. It supports various Logitech keyboards and requires the Logitech Gaming Software for that control, but if not installed, it will not cause any crashes or problems.

I’ve been away from Unreal for awhile and now working my way back! I figured a simple plugin would be a good way to tiptoe back into it. This isn’t complex by any means and in reality, its pretty much just loading the SDK and interfacing the respective functions. It was fun to experiment with though and to see the different colors on my keyboard, and is a simple example of how easy it is to implement functionality in blueprints.

Note: It does not support all of the functions of the SDK which require a keyboard I do not own (individual key lighting changes, as well as loading an image that changes colors of the keyboard). On keyboards that do not support full colors, the highest value between r,g,b will be used to brighten or dim the single color of the keyboard.

I have included the source and the lib/includes from the SDK to save some trouble. There is also a binary Development Win64 binary dll included, as well. In the picture below, you can see how it is setup via Blueprints (or how it could be setup). There are multiple methods and ultimately, the only thing required is the “SetLighting” nodes. They will be listed under LogitechLED in the menu.

Although not pictured, you also will need to make sure to do a StopLighting node and a RestoreLighting node, when done with certain effects or all changes. This will return the keyboard to the user’s original settings prior to starting the game, as well as allow you to switch effects on and off, etc.

Here is download link which includes source and binary. Feel free to use/implement/make changes/better, as you see fit. This was a small learning project for me and nothing more. I am going to implement more of the Logitech software in the future.

Hi @Byte1
The dropbox link is dead, is it possible to reupload?