[Plugin] Leap Motion - UE4 slow perfomance and crash

Hey UE4 users,

I’m having some trouble with the leap motion in UE4.
Performance is very bad, and after 15 seconds the plugin just quits and i’m left with 2 frozen floating hands.

Does anyone have a idea what could cause this.

Much appreciated,


I haven’t seen this, but the plugin is being rewritten for modern API as we speak, it shouldn’t be too long before the new version is available. I forward you to the main thread for the plugin: where you can track it’s progress.

I can’t seem to find in that post and on the github page, that there’s been worked on. Last updates where 3 months back. Can you clearify how you came to that conclusion? Still hope they will keep updating this plugin.

if it helps, here is an image from the orion visual debugger.