[Plugin] Leap Motion exposing to blueprint - WIP

I start few days ago a plugin wich expose some function of Leap Motion SDK to blueprint.
continue it and I will post updates here and you can find the entire code on my github : GitHub - marcwieserdev/UE4-LeapMotionPlugin: A plugin for exposing Leap Motion SDK to UE4 blueprint

For now, I have done features (expose to blueprint):


  • get a controller, check if the controller is connected or not, check the focus of it & check if the Leap service is on
  • get any frame & check the validity of the frame
  • get a HandList for a frame
  • get the frontmost, leftmost or rightmost hand of a handlist
  • get a hand in a handlist thanks to hand ID
  • Check if the hand get is left or right
  • get the number of hand detected
  • check if HandList is empty or not
  • check if a hand is left or right hand
  • check if the hand is valid or not
  • get the palm position, normal and velocity
  • get the confidence level in the given hand pose
  • get the direction from palm to fingers
  • get the grabStrength


  • Get the translation of hand between two frames
  • Get a factor of translation probability
  • Get the matrix for hand basis
  • Get the palm width
  • Get the pinch strength
  • Get the rotation angle between two frames
  • Get the rotation angle between two frames in an axis
  • Get a factor of rotation probability
  • Get the sphere center contain by hand pose
  • Get the sphere radius contain by hand pose
  • Get the stabilized palm position
  • Get the time during the hand was visible

Adding the getting information on :

  • Pointable
  • PointableList
  • Tool
  • ToolList
  • Finger
  • FingerList

You can download precompiled plugin here and requires binaries here

If you find a bug or if you have an Idea for the plugin you can send me an email to [EMAIL=“”]

Thanks for reading

Wow! is pretty awesome! Thanks mate…I was looking for something like this.

Awesome, I’m considering buying a leap and your plugin will be really helpful.

Any idea if you’ll update it to the current v2 sdk? I would really like to use something similar to this.
The raw image data is a must but it would be great to expose the rest as well.

I am talking with the LM team to get a mount for my DK2. Once that comes in, I want to give your plugin a try. I’m really excited to play around with their features.

It’s so close to …

To be perfectly honest, we looked at the LM mount and immediately realised it was a waste of time. We’re currently using a length of Velcro to attach the LM to the Rift, and its working perfectly. (you can also run the USB from the Leap through the DK2’s own USB feed, provided you connect the phantom power)

I was also using velcro… but since I have a 3d printer, the .stl files were release so I just printed one… https://grabcad.com/library/leap-motion-vr-developer-mount-1

Exciting! ~

Hey, plugin - are you planning to expose the image capture functions on the Leap? It would be insanely useful to get the video feed from the Leap camera into Unreal in some form or another…

Hi !

When i try to install your plugin : It said that The plugin ‘LeapMotion’ Failed to load because module ‘LeapMotion’ Could not be found …
It place the plugin into Engine / Plugnins


( For Marc : Tu peux me répondre en francais je pense que ça ira plus vite pour toi )

Is plug in dead?

Made a fork https://github.com/getnamo/leap-ue4 updated to UE4.5. commit retains MarcW’s architecture, albeit with slightly different installation instructions which mirrors how it’s setup in my other plugins.

If you want to use the event driven architecture check out the fork thread.

Official Leap Motion Plugin Announced!