[PLUGIN] Issues deploying a Kinect v2 engine plugin

Hi guys,

I am a relative noob as far as Engine Plugin development goes, and as a first challenge, I took it upon myself to write my own plugin for the Kinect v2 in the engine. To that end, I downloaded lion032’s plugin and tore into its guts to find out how things were working. Long story short, I have got the Kinect working in the UE4.9 editor with a node to track the selected joint in world space. Woot! But this is where my troubles have begun.

Whenever I build a project using the Unreal Engine source, the build system outputs a plugin “.lib” file, usually named something like “ProjectName-PluginName-Static.lib”. This is the convention I’ve found in Unreal 4.7.6. Coming to 4.9.1, the convention has changed to “ProjectName-PluginName.lib” and it has an extra lib file, called “UE4-PluginName.lib”. Which is basically a moot point, as my project never generates any “.lib” file, even when compiled using the “Development” and “x64” parameters in Visual Studio.
But, I get no such errors when I try to package my project. The packaging goes on fine, without any issues logged. Now, when I try to run it, it crashes saying this:

Struct type unknown for property 'StructProperty /Game/KinectChar.KinectChar_C:ExecuteUbergraph_KinectChar.CallFunc_GetTrackedBody_ReturnValue'; perhaps the USTRUCT() was renamed or deleted?

GetTrackedBody here is basically a blueprint node that returns a custom struct called FMBody. I understand that this is happening because unreal is unable to find the definition of FMBody, but my question is whyis the .lib file not getting generated in the first place, when the plugin obviously runs fine in the editor.

It would be a great help if you guys could point me in the right direction.

Guys, anyone? I really need to know whats going wrong here.

Still no clue?

Ok, this is getting frustrating. Getnamo’s Leap plugin apparently builds properly in the Development mode, spitting out the Static.lib file perfectly. I’ve been banging my head here for two weeks and still don’t have a friggin clue. In pure desperation I waded into the intermediate folder…and surprisingly, found that Getnamo’s Leap plugin had its own folder in Build/Win64/<ProjectName>/Development/Plugins/Static folder, but my plugin was nowhere to be found! Apparently the build system is just not recognizing my plugin as a valid plugin to be built! Please! Anybody! Can you help me figure this **** out?