(Plugin) Interaction PLUS ~ Most Optimized Interaction System

Interaction PLUS is now on Marketplace

Interaction PLUS is a code plugin that initialize advanced interaction system and add professional interaction components to your project.

Easy to implement with drag n drop mechanics, compatible with any game that use pawn/character as well as first person and third person.

  • [NEW!] Multiplayer support: There is ServerTriggered event dispatcher replicate interaction from client to server automatically and can be assigned to a desired server function easily without creating bunch of functions inside character for trying to replicate something. Simply turn ReplicationSupport on (from ProjectSettings>InteractionPLUS) and add UInteractionPLUSNetworkListener to your character for built-in replication to work. If you wish to make your own replication system you can turn it off any time and it will be removed from shipping build.


  • Ultimately optimized: All interactable classes (except styles) made in pure C++ and no tick/loop is used. You can place 1000+ interactable around the world (tested) without a single fps drop. Static classes cause zero lag unless placed on a moving actor. (moving actors trigger collisions frequently but still not a big deal unless overused)