[PLUGIN] Intel Real Sense plugin 4.19 with intel API v2 2016

Here is github link where you can download
We updated it from original Real sense camera plugin up to 4.19 and add some features. We are using this plugin for some our plugins, and maybe will be useful for your projects as well

RealSense Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 ](
The RealSense Plugin provides support for the Intel RealSense SDK to Unreal Engine 4 developers by exposing features of the SDK to the Blueprints Visual Scripting System.

The plugin is architected as a set of components, each of which encapsulates a specific set of features. Is also makes use of an actor known as the RealSense Session Manager, which manages access to the RealSense SDK functions and maintains the master copy of all RealSense data. It is instantiated automatically when the first RealSense component is created and it allows for the use of multiple instances of the same RealSense component class, easing the process of sharing data between objects.

RealSense processing takes place on its own dedicated thread. On every tick of the game thread, the RealSense Session Manager polls for new RealSense data, and updates the RealSense components accordingly. This separation helps keep the game thread running quickly even when the RealSense thread is doing some heavy lifting. [HR][/HR]
For more details, you can read this article.

RealSense SDK R2 documentation

You can also check out these tutorial videos to get started using the RealSense plugin: [HR][/HR]]( Cameras

  • SR300 Short-Range RealSense Camera
  • F200 Front-Facing RealSense Camera
  • R200 World-Facing RealSense Camera

]( Hardware Requirements

  • 4th Generation Intel CPU or higher

]( Requirements

]( Components

  • Camera Streams - Provides access to raw color and depth image buffers
  • Scan 3D - Supports the scanning of faces and objects into 3D models
  • Head Tracking - Tracking of hand joins, center and rotation

Hello, I have SR300, can I use it for Facial Tracking in UE 4.21? Do you still support the plugin?

Looks interesting! Thank you for sharing with the community!

I would like to know too if you support the plugin for UE 4.21?

@ **smbv1 **I have compiled the plugin for ue4.19 for the sr300 with the face tracking features successfully however I now need to figure out how it is going to work :slight_smile:

Sounds very cool Mokyul!
I was hoping to use use the SR300 for facial animation on characters like the Apple iPhone XS, though it’s a bit beyond me at present.
Please keep me informed on how you’re progressing with the project, most interested!

I tried to integrate the plugin into UE 4.21. The project can be started, but the Unreal Editor terminates at 73% and the following error message appears:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFE4D284F5F (UE4Editor-RealSensePlugin.dll) in UE4Editor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000. occurred

This error occurred in the pxcsession.h
Does anyone else have the problem and maybe know the solution?


Looks really cool ! Would this work with a D415 ?

Same question. Could D415 work in 4.22 as well?

Facial rigging tutorial please dear masters.