[PLUGIN] Importing Quake 1 bsp

Was trying to teach myself UE4 and not an artist so I wrote an importer for Quake 1 data and now I’m putting the game back together in Blueprint. The plugin is available here for anyone interested,

Decided to animated the mesh using a shader. This turned out to be a bit frustrating to get working BUT very interesting at the same time.

About your scale issues its perfectly normal to have to resize the player. I wont be scaling everything to UE4 units. Much less work to make a custom blueprint player.

New code was uploaded to Github. In theory you can pretty much rebuild the game from scratch with this update.

MDL animation work including normals. I have my own material for this but it does work fine with the UE4 ms_vertexpaintanimation material function too. The idea would be to set the frame you want to play from blueprint. Screen capture of the animation datatable in attachement. I also added a first pass at importing 2d graphics in lmp format. They are for the main menu. I will be adding .wad next. It contain all the HUD graphics.

Next things I’d like to work on is AI and .pak import. I’m also not too happy with the level mesh (submodel_0). The Lightmap size need to be very high and take a long time to generate. Maybe I will break it down in some way.

Any updates on this?