Plugin Help

So I’m trying to learn my way around making plugins, but I’m very much a C++ beginner.

What I’m trying to do now is create a plugin that allows me to add an actor component to the level and apply a chosen texture to that actor, all through a standalone slate interface. Currently, I have a functioning plugin that, when the toolbar button is clicked, creates a standalone window. This was easy, of course, thanks to Unreal’s plugin wizard. Currently, the standalone window just has button in it that, when pressed, adds an actor to the level. That actor is currently hard-coded to use a Cube asset. Basically, what I’m hoping to do now is include in the standalone window a drop-down that lists the available textures from the content browser, and when one is chosen, have that texture be the texture used on the newly created actor.

What I’m thinking needs to happen is a new Material probably needs to be created, having the Texture Sample node that’s attached to the “base color” as a parameter (again, not trying for anything fancy, just functionality), and apply the user’s choice of texture to that parameter, and then applying that material to the actor’s mesh. I’m just not sure how to do something like that through C++, let alone through a plugin. I’m obviously not looking to create a plugin to go on the store or anything, I’m just creating plugins for the sake of learning about them.

Anyone have some tips on how I might be able to do this?

Have a look at these tutorials. They may help you on your journey.

Best of Luck,