[PLUGIN] GoldSource Movement in Unreal Engine

The General Movement Component plugin now features a remake of the original GoldSource movement physics used in classic FPS games like Quake, Half-Life and Counter-Strike including all of the popular movement quirks such as Bunny Hopping, Air Strafing and Surfing - highly configurable and fully replicated out of the box.

Available now: General Movement Component in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Thanks to GMC-user and Marketplace creator Nick Kochman for making the showcase video. Check out his fantastic environment assets as well:


Surfing subterranean! :surfing_man:t4: This looks amazingly cool! I especially enjoyed the mirror surf wall! Thanks so much for creating these plug-ins and sharing!


Hey! Just curious whats the versitilaty of this? TBH im not a big coder just like too make stuff for fun in unreal engine. Lets say i wanted source style movement but wanted sprinting and sliding with it does this plugin support all of that already in it?

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sprinting is included by default and there are many parameters exposed to configure the movement to your liking. Sliding is not implemented by default but would be easy to add with some basic Blueprint code. You would also get help in the Discord server if needed.

@MosseN Just to clarify: Rampsliding as present in the original Goldsource physics is included if that’s what you meant (see here: Rampsliding Is a Quake Engine Quirk in the Same Way That Bunnyhopping Is - ryanliptak.com). Since the movement is based on the engine code made public by Valve (mostly this: GitHub - ValveSoftware/halflife: Half-Life 1 engine based games) you can assume that anything that works in those games also works with the GMC implementation (except for some edge cases maybe because UE’s collision system is different).

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