[Plugin] Ghost Mesh Plugin

Hello everyone,

I just write a plugin that can create ghost mesh of a skeletal mesh.

This is the first version:

Second verstion:

And this is the tutorial:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.

Default Engine Version: 4.10


Created a branch for 4.12, please check out.

Thanks for everything!
Can you tell me which version of Unreal are you use? In Unreal 4.12.3 I have compilation errors.

Thanks a lot for the Plugin!! :smiley:

Oh, I use 4.10.

And btw, I just created a new branch for 4.12, please check it out.

I have changed your blueprint version with a new shader and a little more
What´s you opinionn??

This is very cool.

But in my opinion, add some fresnel effect would be better.

This is so cool!

Heyho i would try your Plugin to check how it´s works, because it looks really nice.

I put the “GhostMesh” Folder in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.10\Engine\Plugins.
Then i start a New Thrid Person Project it work´s, i check the Plugin Window and see in the Others section GhostPlugin and activate that.
Must restart for that and by the launch always become this message: 45988e7be2bc6cdc2b6160d5fa627f9260f31555.png.

Well… It should be put in your plugins folder of your project.

I put also in the project plugins folder (new created one) but I getting also the first message and after this message.
Check with more different Project also new created one, also with both version, always the same.

I mean, did you re-generate the visual studio project file and re-compile the whole project?