[Plugin] Generate reStructuredText Format Documents from Blueprints


I created a UE4 plugin BlueprintToRSTDoc](GitHub - nutti/UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc: UE4 Plugin: BlueprintToRSTDoc).


This plugin generates reStructuredText format documentations from Blueprint (also include Structure, Enumeration) files.
Using this plugin with a documentation tool Sphinx, you could generate fancy html documents.

Project Page: GitHub - nutti/UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc: UE4 Plugin: BlueprintToRSTDoc
Installation: UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc/installation.md at main · nutti/UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc · GitHub
**Tutorial: **UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc/tutorial.md at main · nutti/UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc · GitHub
Download: Releases · nutti/UE4-BlueprintToRSTDoc · GitHub

Any feedback and comments are welcome.