[PLUGIN] General Movement Component

The General Movement Component is an expansive C++ plugin for creating replicated movement systems which completely replaces Unreal’s built-in character movement with a much more comprehensive and easier-to-use alternative.
It features a high-quality movement implementation for all collision shapes, innovative networking support that automatically replicates your movement code, 200+ Blueprint-exposed functions, events & properties, Steam integration and much more.

Check it out now: General Movement Component in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Key Features:

  • 200+ Blueprint functions, events & properties covering a wide variety of functionality
  • Extendable high-quality movement suitable for any type of humanoid and animal/creature character, supports all collision shapes
  • Grounded, airborne and fluid movement with support for 12 additional replicated movement modes out of the box
  • No hard-coded C++ references, everything directly editable in Blueprint providing maximum flexibility and iteration speed
  • State-of-the-art replication system with timestamp verification, prediction, replay and lag compensation, automatically integrates custom movement logic
  • Easy-to-use binding functions enabling net role specific replication of added data members with just a few clicks
  • Advanced pawn smoothing with configurable delay, built-in linear and cubic interpolation, extrapolation and support for user-defined interpolation functions
  • Lots of configurable network settings, can be fine-tuned manually or quickly set up with presets targeting specific network conditions (LAN, Competitive, Regular, Low-end)
  • Full support for both listen and dedicated servers
  • Advanced logging with detailed messages specific to each actor and its net role, greatly helps with tracking down errors and bugs
  • Documentation for every function, event and property both in C++ and Blueprint
  • Clean and readable plugin code containing many explanatory comments
  • Steam integration with a UI backend for hosting and joining LAN and online sessions

Tutorials: Tutorials | General Movement Component - YouTube

Support: General Movement Component

A new tutorial on Root Motion & Montages is now available

Update 1.4

The General Movement Component plugin now features a remake of the original GoldSource movement physics used in classic FPS games like Quake, Half-Life and Counter-Strike including all of the popular movement quirks such as Bunny Hopping, Air Strafing and Surfing - highly configurable and fully replicated out of the box.

Thanks to GMC-user and Marketplace creator Nick Kochman for making the showcase videos. Check out his fantastic environment assets as well: