[PLUGIN] Furious Production - Simple Instanced Spline Mesh [v1.0]

Hi! I would like to encourage all of you to try my new plugin on marketplace, and ask away any questions you may have.

Overview video

The plugin focuses mainly on making the level design easier, and faster. It produces Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes based on the curve defined by the spline.
It offers:

  • Infinite mesh types
  • Randomization
  • Random gaps
  • Accurate per-mesh ground alignment
  • Spline ground alignment
  • Pivot location and rotation correction
  • Pivot-independent placement
  • Single draw-call per mesh type
  • Asynchronous meshes generation

It will allow to generate fences, walls or even roads based on spline. It automatically instances the meshes, and allows to work off-line, so the operations are asynchronous by default, which causes the process of generation to be extremely fast, and even with thousands of instances, it will never freeze your editor while working on the levels!

The plugin is used for my own project constantly, and therefore it will be updated with new features, and bugfixes if there’s any.

Let me know what cool stuff you do with it and enjoy!