[Plugin][Free] Mobile Native Code Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 (JNI/Obj-c)


Mobile Native Code Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

more information on GitHub: GitHub - Sovahero/PluginMobileNativeCode

When developing a mobile application based on Unreal engine 4, sooner or later it happens that you need to get access to functionality that is not available in C++/Blueprint. For example:

  • Get absolute paths to temporary folders to save your own files.
  • Read information from sensors (Accelerometer, Barometer, etc.).
  • Get information about your phone.
  • Interact with other apps.

Mobile Native Code Plugin - serves as the basis for the native mobile plugin in Unreal Engine 4 for Android and IOS platforms. It provides a convenient call to native Java code(JNI) and Objective-c, as well as examples of connecting static and dynamic libraries to the build system. Just rename all the PLUGIN_NAME names in all folders and files to your own and get the plugin you need.


Thank you very much !
It helped me understand how to call iOS native code in UE4.