Plugin forces thousands of shader compilations

Added surface footstem system I had in 4.23,nowin 4.24.1,is it normal with a moderately sized 2x2 world comp scene ?

Started around 11,029 .

Assuming you have a landscape with at least 8 materials? Sounds about right.

However the footstep system won’t work on 4.24 if it uses the terrain physical material to get a response. I’m still waiting for a fix on that… quite annoying as I wanted to publish the latest engine version before the holidays. I guess I could have modified source but there is just so much to do…

ACtually I’m only using one landscape material atm of course I plan on MUCH more, but atm ,being bit of a compuslive, I’m working to peffect the sculpting first which is a huge deal on its own. I did wonder tho yes, that the foosteps must tape into the terrain physics mat. ODD as you say, it got permissiion from epic ( most seem to need that as a MIN.) yet its non functional without sourced mod ? I never looked into it past installing plugin, I’d have to wait as while doable not interested atm from similar pespectieve o_0

Wrote materials, meant layers.
I have the plugin, but I have actually never installed it, no idea of what it does really.
but at a base level you need the terrain to return anything but False within the pysmat for it to work…

Changing the physmat should cause some shaders to recompile depending on how it is done - changing it in the material itself does cause the whole material to recompile, obviously…

And the plugin was perfectly functional, they just forgot to hook something up at Epic in the latest build. All landscape physmats seem to return False.

AH fascinating,ty for verify.

I’m actually having some issues with 4.24 aswell. when I modify my landscape material in 4.22 it compiles around 800 shaders , but in 4.24 it’s 4k shaders everytime

Not having access to your material as is sadly for me too, always the case( too bad our world isn’t more connected, be careful what I ask for ofc o_0 ) , and I assume strongly in 4.23 is precisely what you havein 4.24 or VEry lose to it, then ya, BTDT, is very counter productive to ‘work’ ;))

IF ONLY that was my only issue, in 4.24 for me ( unless I"ve done something VERY wrong/odd ) , not only do I have HORRIBLE performance, crashes only in certain areas of terrain ( still no luck yet ) but no idea how to use a plugin or something built in to descipher What is causing this .

Is there a way to literally find out what is causing my crashes,that based on errors I get are directly related to tesselation ?

ANYONE that wants to join me NOT just to speak of my crashing and find a fix, but ANY crash issue or issues of anykind related to our favorite engine:

Discord < invite.

Thx anyone
4.23 works FINE, was just hoping to get back to edits in 4.24 that I also like ;))