Plugin for both C++ and Blueprint projects ???


I exposed some functions via plugin to blueprint. If I put my blueprint into “UE4 blueprint project” (not c++), that exposed functions works just in editor, not in a build. And if i build from “UE4 C++ project”, than those exposed functions working in a build.

So, maybe somebody know, how to create plugin for both UE4 project types?

What exactly is the error/problem you have? “It doesn’t work” is not much information to go off.

It used to be the case that you had to add some random C++ class to a project in order to be able to package it with plugins, but I thought that was no longer the case. Maybe someone else can confirm that?

If you are adding a plugin to a C++ project than it needs to be in the project’s plugins folder. However if you are adding a plugin to a Blueprint project which does not have a C++ plugin project than I believe you need to add it to the Unreal Engine’s installation Plugin directory so that it is available to all Unreal Engine Instances. I am unsure of the details but it should work. Than you need to enable the plugin from your projects Plugins screen.

Many Thanks ArcainOne, you solved it. Thanks