[PLUGIN] Foliage To Blueprint, Easily Turn any foliage instance into your own Blueprint or Actor


Im very excited to announce my latest work for the Marketplace

Foliage To Blueprint

Marketplace Link:

The Foliage To Blueprint Plugin allows you to turn any painted foliage instance or instanced static mesh in the world into your own desired Actor or Blueprint
One example use is survival games where the player can cut down every tree, Instead of placing each tree by hand you simply paint these trees trough the editor and at runtime, when the player hits a foliage instance tree, it gets turned into a cuteable tree actor!, And again this is just an example of how you could use it, In any situation where you need to do something with a painted foliage instance, instanced static mesh or such this plugin can be helpful for you


  • Foliage Database - Where you fill all the entries with your foliage instances, desired actors to spawn and such
  • Heavely Optimized
  • List Support, You can make Lists within the database to split up your entries rather than having one big list for every entry
  • Fully Exposed to Blueprints - Plus a small library of helper nodes for any extra functionality you might need
  • Very easy to implement with your own game logic - You simply use the Foliage To Blueprint accesor, initialize it and you are ready to use all of the functionality it provides
  • Code is fully commented should you have the need to modify the plugin to suit your own needs
  • Flexible, Every parameter is fully exposed so you can customize the plugin to your like, (Remove a foliage instance when required, Spawning actors on demand and so on )


Overview Video

Release Date: August 9th

As usual im open to feedback so let me know what features you would like to see being added to the plugin :smiley:

Added the marketplace link, The plugin has now been released :smiley:

The question here is doe the removed foliage instances replicate to the server? I do this already for my project in blueprint but the issue is instanced static mesh components do not replicate, so you have to save all the removed trees in an array which can get heavy, this plugin needs its own instanced static mesh component class which can rep like in ark, being able to select this new actor in the foilage tool.

Replication is not a feature of the plugin , as stated in the description of the asset

It should be just saying other wise there no point of doing it in C++.

The tutorial video is terribly vague. There is no files or folder created once the plugin is activated. I am so frustrated with this plugin I cannot find the files you reference in your vid thus it is useless.

And you may not realize this but your links on the product page are all disabled and you cannot copy them if they are disabled from the launcher. You need to use spaces to activate the links after the “:” key. So the system recognizes it as a link. I guess I have to download the example project to make your project work. you need to say that . You imply this is a demo not a required kit item. Its really kinda bothersome how unorganized this kit is.


I Explained everything in the video as best as i could, for further examples you can check the example projects in the description of the asset which go more in depth in the process of the setup, Im sorry that you had a hard time with the asset, if there is any other issue you have then feel free to send me a private message :slight_smile:

Submitted an update to fix an issue where the foliage instances wouldnt get removed on a standalone game

Make sure to now use the FToBPFoliageInstancedSMComp class while painting your foliage

Submitted another update, besides adding support for 4.19 The spawn BP from foliage inst node now lets you assign the scale of the foliage instance to the newly spawned actor, Also the spawned actor is now included as an output in both SpawnBPFromFoliageInst and SpawnBPFromStaticMesh

Hi alvarofer and all! I’ve been checking out your Foliage to Blueprint plugin, I think it’s amazing! A few questions though:

  1. Would it be possible to save the foliage changes in-game?
    (I am implementing a farming system, where you harvest the grasses and bushes from the foliage system, remove the instances, and save the changes)
    I believe changes are saved when you are painting with the foliage tool and you save the map. There should be a function somewhere that saves the foliage

  2. Would it be possible to spawn blueprints or actors and integrate them into the foliage in-game?
    Say, spawn a grass mesh as a blueprint at a particular location, then integrate it into the foliage system for efficiency
    I’ve heard that there may be problems, the Foliage system stores the individual meshes and “chunks” them or something, clumps them together, if values are changed there could be problems, so:

  3. If there are problems with the foliage, would it be possible to iterate through all of the individual instances and assign them a new number?

  4. How does the foliage system work exactly?
    I’ve read it is an InstancedFoliageActor, and this actor somehow has an array that saves instances, are instances stored individually as integer values?

I deeply thank you for any help or tips provided, if we could get this working it would be absolutely amazing!

Wow ok thank you! Im gonna digest all this and I might get back with you, thank you so much!