[PLUGIN] Flurry Analytics provider for Android (w/ source)

Hi people!

We made a small plugin to add Flurry Analytics support for Android, matching the functionality in the built-in iOS Flurry plugin. Just drop it in your project’s plugins folder, add your Flurry API key to your Engine.ini file and you’re good to go! It’s also useful to learn how to add 3rd party jar libs to UE4 plugins.

Grab it on GitHub: GitHub - KokkuGames/AndroidFlurryPlugin: Flurry Analytics Provider for Android


You are awesome.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi! Can you update the plugin, or tell me how to do it by myself?? Thanks in advance!!

Hi, I updated it to 4.20. It should work on 4.21, but I didn’t test it yet there. Sorry for taking so long.