Plugin Error with Shipped Version of the Project

Hi guys I got the following problem:
I created the project ThirdPersonExample which already exists, (Its the third person project which unreal already made) UE Version 4.8.3.
I named it TEST.
I added the Plugin ‘JSONQuery’ into my project folder (TEST/Plugins/JSONQuery).
I build a shipping version of the project for Win64. Which gets done and I get the respone that it is successfully built.
Everything works in the Editor.
Now If I open the TEST.exe I get the following Error:
Plugin ‘JSONQuery’ failed to load because module ‘JSONQuery’ could not be found.
I hope someone can help me here, maybe just a little mistake I made?
Best regards


Plugins only get build if you are using a C++ Project, otherwise the engine wont build it.

But this produces a new error:

I searched that error some days ago, and I found this:

But this produces a new error:

(Error is the error.png image)