[PLUGIN] DynamicNode - Very large animation plugin(Locomotion,Swimm,Flying,Ragdoll,IK,CCDIK,LookAt)

I just tested the 4.25 Demo Project. Swimming is broken in Multiplayer. So is Grabbing the Sword and Shield. The Clients Can’t Grab them and when the Server does grab them , The Clients can’t see it at all or the motions. What are the chances for a Quick Fix? Because I really wish to use this in our current project. Also do you have a Discord set up for questions?

I was seriously considering this to be my IK/Locomotion solution for my project, but considering the last comment was over three months ago and still no word on network replication, I suppose I’ll have to hold off or pursue other options. I do hope you get NetRep in as I would very much like to try your product.

Hello there, an interesting new feature is coming. To be released in the coming weeks

Please let us have a Date for when you will have Full Replication